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Infrared heating panels by Infracomfort

Infracomfort far-infrared heat panels and indoor/outdoor patio heaters are the latest development in sustainable high-tech main and secondary heating for your home, school or workplace.

All Infracomfort far-infrared heat panels and patio heaters are certified to meet the New Zealand Electrical Standards and come with a full 5-year manufacturers guarantee against faulty parts or workmanship.

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Derek Potts and Pat Kane

It's been 14 years since Infracomfort started making New Zealand homes and workplaces warmer, drier, safer and healthier. We are New Zealand's leading infrared heating specialists and the most trusted brand of indoor/outdoor far-infrared heaters.

About Infracomfort
Better heat distribution
Far-infrared heating distributes the heating evenly, so there are fewer cold spots.
Fast heating times
With far-infrared heating panels, there’s an immediate effect the moment you turn on the heater.
Lower heating costs
Running far-infrared heat panels are more cost-effective than traditional convection heaters.
Silent operation
No whirring, no buzzing, no creaking or rattling. Far-infrared heat panels operate silently.
Easy installation
Far-infrared heat panels are much easier to install than heat pumps or burner heating systems.
Low maintenance
There are no moving or motor parts in a far-infrared heater, so minimal maintenance is required.

Infracomfort heat panels work by emitting invisible far-infrared light that gently and safely warms people and surfaces. The energy collected by the surfaces is then gradually released to provide a safe and unobtrusive comfort level with minimal input of energy.

There are no draughts and no noise, and unlike convection or fan-forced heating, Infracomfort far-infrared panel heaters do not heat the air directly and therefore do not have the problem of hot air rising to the ceiling or rushing out the door. 

This placement and retention of the warmth where it is needed, combined with the low wattage of Infracomfort far-infrared panel heaters, creates a very cost-effective system with low demand on electrical infrastructure.

Additionally, Infracomfort far- infrared heaters generate a feeling of health and well-being that traditional convection heaters are not able to offer. Many users compare the effect of far-infrared heat as being similar to sunshine.   

The flexibility of Infracomfort FIR far-infrared heating makes infrared heat panels an ideal choice for the many variations of spaces and room sizes in homes and commercial buildings found throughout New Zealand.


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