November 8, 2010

Far-infrared heating has been around since the dawn of time

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Infrared heating is the original and most natural form of heating in existence. Even though our Sun is 92 million miles away across deep cold space, it is infrared heat that we experience when we feel the sun’s warmth on our bodies.

Infrared waves lie outside the visible spectrum of light in the long wavelength low frequency side of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Infrared heat does not need a medium such as water or air to pass through, nor does it need to heat the medium up – unlike heat generated by gas or electric fan heaters, and most central heating systems.

Infrared waves provide natural heat, like the warmth of the sun on a cold winter day.Infrared Fact

Infrared waves create heat by vibrating molecules on a solid surface. This vibration creates heat and a sense of heat which is independent of the temperature of the surrounding air.

Infrared waves provide an entirely natural sense of heat, like the warmth of the sun on your face on a cold, clear winters day.

Infrared heating is efficient because the production of infrared heat waves is energy-efficient – no energy is lost passing through air or “heating” the empty space.

Infrared heating works by heating up objects, not the air.

Whilst it initially takes approximately 24 hours or more to raise the overall warmth of your living space, the heater can then effectively just tick over under the control of a timer or thermostat.

A typical 600 watt panel measuring 1.20m x 0.60m would adequately heat the average-sized New Zealand double bedroom.

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