July 18, 2019

Back to school with a warm welcome for Lynmore kids

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Lynmore School was established in 1956 and is a large and popular primary school in the Lynmore suburb of Rotorua.

Over the school holidays, modern Infracomfort ICH Series far-infrared heat panels were installed, replacing an inadequate and outdated heat pump system.

Ceiling-mounted infrared heaters ensure that the range of heat is unobstructed by walls or objects and allows an uninhibited spread of warmth over a greater area.

It also means the heat panels are kept well out of the reach of curious fingers!

Even though the infrared panels are mounted up high, the energy also strikes the floor and objects at ground level. Heat is then stored there and re-radiated to the surroundings.

The result is warm floors, warm feet, and efficient use of energy.

Infracomfort far-infrared heat panel technology is now the preferred heating system for the learning spaces at Lynmore School.

Certified and guaranteed

All Infracomfort infrared heat panels and related products are certified to the NZ Electrical Standards requirements and come with a 5-year guarantee against faulty parts or workmanship.

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