August 4, 2019

Infracomfort far-infrared heat panels in NZ classrooms

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The use of far-infrared heating panels in schools is becoming widespread because infrared technology provides significant energy-saving advantages and creates a warmer and safer environment for students.

Is it better to incorporate the heat panels within the classroom ceiling or to have them free-hanging or fixed?

Infrared heating panels can be retrofitted into existing school buildings or installed into new premises, so the choice often depends on whether the ceiling space is open or tiled.


Many existing schools use false ceilings with ceiling tiles, so in that case, it makes sense to incorporate the infrared panels into the false ceiling gridwork.

New premises

If the building has an open ceiling, the infrared heat panels can be installed either free-hanging or fitted directly onto the ceiling with brackets.

Design and specification

New far-infrared heating products such as Infracomfort heat panels offer a viable solution for providing a comfortable learning environment, in both new and existing institutions.

Careful thought should be put into the specification and selection of infrared heat panels to ensure that the radiant heat is distributed evenly throughout the classroom.

Infracomfort has developed a range of products suited for specific purposes so, for the very best outcomes, we strongly recommend contacting us for a free heating assessment or advice.

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