December 30, 2020

Carbon crystal technology improves heating efficiency

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What precisely is carbon crystal technology?

In electric far-infrared heating, the introduction of carbon crystal represents the next significant step. Carbon crystal blends carbon fibre with nanotechnology to turn carbon into nanometer-sized particles. The chemical and physical features of carbon’s molecular structure are converted into micro-units, resulting in a smooth and fine crystal powder.

Because of its excellent performance, epoxy resin is used as the carrier for the nanocarbon. This technique reinforces the carbon crystal, allowing for better heat conduction and the conversion of 100% of the power to heat, boosting energy efficiency and safety, and delivering a product lifespan of more than 100,000 hours (i.e. 60-plus years).

When activated, our devices emit far infrared heat at an appropriate wavelength of 8-14 microns, optimal for human health. Far-infrared rays are regarded as the “light of life” because they are the only wavelength of light rays that are favourable to the health of the human body.

Because far-infrared radiation (FIR) may penetrate our tissue and bone, it can help to strengthen our immune system and overall well-being. Our carbon crystal panels use a proprietary, revolutionary technique that emits up to 87% of far infrared radiation, well above the industry standard.

Compared to electric convection heaters, our carbon crystal far-infrared heating panels may save up to 50% and, in certain circumstances, up to 80%.

Carbon crystal panels emit no CO2 and are carbon neutral when powered by renewable energy such as wind, solar power or hydroelectricity.

Other advances in technology:

  • The panels are safe indoors because they don’t produce any pollution or volatile chemicals. In addition, the products used for electrical insulation are safe and reliable.
  • Infrared heat technology is good for the environment because it works like nature, making gentle, healthy heat while getting rid of harmful monoxides produced by traditional forced air heating systems, wood stoves, and space heaters.
  • Far-infrared rays (FIR) warm and energise your body. Far-infrared radiation prevents and gets rid of mould. In addition, infrared radiation retains moisture in the air at a healthy, natural level.
  • Because they don’t blow dust or allergens, our panels are healthier than traditional home heating methods. They also don’t make any noise and don’t need filters, fuel, ducts, or pumps that must be cleaned and fixed frequently.
  • Carbon crystal panels are designed to have a surface temperature of 33–43 degrees, so they can’t get too hot.
  • Simple and easy to put in place.

Carbon crystal has dramatically influenced the heating sector since it makes heating systems more energy efficient, safer and with a longer product lifespan. Carbon crystal, in particular, enhances energy efficiency by 15-20% compared to ordinary carbon fibre.

The flexibility of Infracomfort far-infrared heating makes it the ideal choice to suit the many different room sizes and living spaces found in homes, schools, communities, workplaces and commercial buildings throughout New Zealand.