July 20, 2020

Infracomfort far-infrared heating panels are great for pets

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Older dogs and cats often require extra warmth especially throughout winter and on colder nights. Infrared waves gently heat objects. The air is indirectly heated from these objects in the room such as the floor, windows, furniture, so your pet will be kept warm at floor level even in a relatively cold room.

Infracomfort’s Heat Panels for Pets infrared heaters are more efficient, healthier, safer and longer-lasting than traditional convection heating systems. Infrared heaters replicate the radiant warmth of the sun.

Infrared heat panels don’t dry out the air, allowing for higher humidity with less condensation, providing a better place for your animals.

Our Heat Panels for Pets also help improve your pet’s circulation, aids digestion and increases overall health. The infrared heat panels are unobtrusive and evenly distribute heat with no hot spots.

Infracomfort sell only high-quality New Zealand safety-approved infrared heat panels sourced locally from a leading New Zealand supplier.

Our DX150 150w infrared heat panel provides gentle, healthy, safe and affordable warmth, especially appreciated for the care of ageing and convalescing pets.

Infracomfort heat panels come with a complete 5-year warranty against faulty parts or workmanship, assurance guaranteed.