August 25, 2020

Far-infrared provides sustainable and affordable heating

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Infracomfort is the leading New Zealand supplier of high-quality, safe, energy-efficient far-infrared heat panels and outdoor infrared heating systems.

Just like sunshine, Infracomfort heat panels emit safe far-infrared light waves which are absorbed by the people, objects and surfaces in the room. This energy is then re-emitted and distributed evenly throughout a room as comfortable warmth.

Convection heaters, such as radiators or electric wall heaters, heat and circulate air, so the temperature at floor level is significantly cooler than at ceiling level.

Using infrared waves to heat objects and surfaces in a room – rather than blowing warm air, dust and bacteria around – reduces the risk of allergic reactions and also inhibits the growth of mould on walls.

Infrared heat panels used in conjunction with a thermostat provides an unprecedented level of control over temperature and with significant reductions in energy usage:

Installing Infracomfort far-infrared heat panels ensures many years of quality performance requiring virtually zero maintenance and without any additional parts replacement or inspection costs.

We also see an increased emphasis on the need for efficient, decarbonised, ecologically-friendly electric heating solutions. Many New Zealanders are increasingly looking to reduce their carbon footprint and reduce their energy usage.

Some home and business owners are also adopting the use of solar panels to augment or decrease their dependence on our nation’s electrical grid. Infracomfort’s infrared heating technology is well placed to support this momentum and the emerging market for domestic heating based on ecological principles.

Our uncompromising approach to high engineering standards and the use of high-quality components results in an efficient and attractive alternative heating solution for indoor and outdoor applications.

Infracomfort far-infrared heating technology represents the future of sustainable, environmentally-friendly and affordable heating.