January 30, 2021

Infracomfort far-infrared heat panels at Russell School

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Infracomfort recently installed modern far-infrared heat panels at Russell School in the Bay of Islands.

The main building in which we installed our far-infrared heat panels is a listed heritage building. The heat panels in most classrooms are suspended from the ceiling to the same height as the new LED lighting. Where fans are installed the Infracomfort heat panels are suspended just above the fan blades.

All rooms are controlled via our wireless fully programmable thermostats. This allows for individual heat settings by the room users.

Air-to-air systems (fan heaters, heat pumps, radiators etc) require the rooms to be airtight to maintain efficiency as any new air introduced requires the heating system to re-heat this air. Infrared heats the mass in the room which in turn heat the air.

Schools are becoming increasingly concious of air quality. Infracomfort’s use of fans and far-infrared heat panels help achieve this goal in fresh air quality and a warm, comfortable learning environment.

Russell School is in a coastal environment. The Infracomfort panels will easily outlast other heating systems with moving parts, which are subject to wear and corrosion.

The flexibility of Infracomfort far-infrared heating makes it the ideal choice to suit the many different room sizes and living spaces found in homes, schools, communities, workplaces and commercial buildings throughout New Zealand.