January 5, 2021

Infracomfort heat panels Vs. NZ Healthy Homes Standards

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The NZ Healthy Homes Standards for residential rental homes were established in July 2019 and specify minimum standards for heating, insulation, draft stopping, ventilation, and moisture control.

Infracomfort NZ totally agrees with the standards – healthy homes means a healthy community and it beggars belief that all governments in the past haven’t recognised the enormous savings, in health costs and well-being alone, that safe living conditions provide. It’s a no brainer.

For heating however, at the moment there is a problem. The goal is to achieve and maintain 180C in the living area only. This is easy with Infracomfort and in our view an absolute minimum. The standards provide a tool for calculating energy required, depending on physical aspects and location of the house.

Unfortunately, the calculator is designed for convective heating and is not directly transferable to far-infrared heating which generally gets the same or better results with about 40% of the power. So as the regulations stand, you are required to install up to two and a half times the far infrared that in our professional opinion is required to meet the minimum 180C.

Based on the current standards this results in unnecessary additional cost to the landlord and significant ongoing running costs for the tenant.

We can follow the rules as they are, but ethically and morally we need these to be reviewed because they are wrong.

We are in ongoing discussions with the government to have their tool adjusted to accommodate more efficient technologies. So if you’re planning to heat the living area of your rental we suggest you wait until this is resolved. It could save you a lot.

Note: The proposed rules don’t apply to bedrooms. There are huge energy savings to be achieved. The Healthy homes act only applies to rental properties and do not apply to your own home.

Infracomfort can provide full heating assessments for these spaces, and of course for the numerous other sectors in which we are so successful – schools, elder care, work-places, sports facilities, hostels, ski lodges.

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