January 12, 2021

Infracomfort-heated home wins Sustainable Home Award

Featured image for “Infracomfort-heated home wins Sustainable Home Award”

In addition to the four Regional Awards already posted, this beautiful Waikato home has now won the National Lifestyle Award for Sustainability – a fantastic validation of the designer’s choice of Infracomfort far infrared heating.

Owners Jenny and Philip say they are never cold. Their living areas and bedroom are all managed by easy-to-use Infracomfort controls, which monitor each space 24/7 and responds with gentle warmth whenever temperatures drop. Unobtrusive, stylish, and comfortable.

For your new home, renovation or retrofit contact Infracomfort. We’re constantly innovating, maintaining our 12-year position as leaders in sustainable home heating.

We are New Zealand’s leading brand of indoor/outdoor far-infrared heaters. 

The flexibility of Infracomfort far-infrared heating makes it the ideal choice to suit the many different room sizes and living spaces found in homes, schools, communities, workplaces and commercial buildings throughout New Zealand.