January 16, 2021

Infracomfort far-infrared heating is ideal for rental properties

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Far-infrared heating is a great alternative heating solution. The flexibility of Infracomfort far-infrared heating makes it an ideal choice for the many different spaces and room sizes found in rental properties throughout New Zealand.

A rental property equipped with modern energy-efficient infrared heat panels is easier to market. When a home is warm and dry tenants are healthier, happier and therefore likely to stay longer.

FeatureBenefit for occupantBenefit for landlord
Infrared emits energy at the safe end of spectrumComfortable with no known negative health effects. Understood to promote improved circulationSafe warm occupants
Placement on ceiling or high on wallSafe, out of reach - especially advantageous for children and elderly. Visually unobtrusiveSubtle, not easly interfered with, safe for occupants
Internal thermal safety thermostatPrevents over-heatingAdditional safety measure
AS/NZS Standards approvedSafety compliantPeace of mind
Easy to use
FeatureBenefit for occupantBenefit for landlord
Thermostat options - manual or programmable with wifi option to operate from phoneConsistent even warmth when and where required, saving powerRobust and maintenance free
Isolating switchEasy off/on over-ride plus safety featureSafety compliant
User instructions providedProvides advice on optimum useOffers guidance to occupants
FeatureBenefit for occupantBenefit for landlord
No mouldComfortable clean air. No mould-related health or respiratory issuesNo mould related maintenance. Longer life for building, curtains and blinds
Zero emissionsNo dangerEnvironmentally responsible
Retains healthy level of moisture in air (about 42%)Healthy and comfortable, no dry feeling or dry eyesHealthy for occupants
Warms surfaces and body of the buildingWarmth is retained and re-released slowly from all directions creating even comfort. No 'bleeding' windowsNo moisture on surfaces (provided minimal ventilation available)
Warms the person directlyOccupants warm even in the early stages of the room itself warming up (like stepping from shade into sun on a cold day)Comfortable occupants
Air is warmed secondarilyMinimal heat loss when doors and windows opened for air exchange, hence healthy and cost savingComfortable occupants
Rooms can be warmed separately with separate controlsTemperature can be set to the individual's preferences with room warmed at low running costSatisfied occupants with reduced chance of respiratory illness
FeatureBenefit for occupantBenefit for landlord
Warms evenly right to floor level (1 to 2 degrees Celcius difference floor to ceiling)No cold feet, important particularly for elderly or disabled. Children can play on the floor and be warm whilst people standing up are equally warm and not over-heated. Energy not wasted warming air above occupants.Comfortable safe occupants
No NoiseAdds significantly to comfortAdds to occupant satisfaction
No breeze or draughtsWind-chill effect is eliminated, hence lower temperature required to achieve comfortComfortable occupants with low energy costs
No outdoor componentNo maintenance or protection required outdoors. No outdoor noiseAesthetically tidy, no maintenance or deterioration of outdoor component
Cost effective
FeatureBenefit for occupantBenefit for landlord
A complete system at low capital costAll spaces warmed for less than the cost for just the living area using other systems
No MaintenanceNo hasslesNo ongoing cost
Life expectancy 30 years+Low whole of life cost
Low energy demandLow running costMeets tenant needs
Controlled on room by room basisEfficient, not wasting energy heating rooms not in use. Bedrooms can be warmed overnight at very low costLower overall cost whilst providing optimum benefits for occupants
Minimal impact of outdoor temperature (assuming insulation)Efficiency is not diminished by cold outdoor temperaturesApplicable in all NZ climates
Easily retrofittedRoom found to be cold can be correctedCan be added if required at low cost
FeatureBenefit for occupantBenefit for landlord
Robust powder-coated aluminium surfacesRarely requires cleaning, then only with a warm damp clothLong lasting, no maintenance
Back insulationEnergy directed into room addes to savings in running costsImproves efficiency and safety
No egress through exterior wallsWater proofness protected / maintainedNo chance of leaks
No moving partsUncomplicatedNo maintenance
Life expectancy 30 yearsNo concerns over timeLow whole of life cost
Guarantee 5 yearsConsumer protection and confidence
Reliable supply chain with product experienceAvailable NZ wide with excellent customer support
Installation instructions and ongoing support providedConfidence of correct installation and backup
Certified and guaranteed
5 year guarantee - Infracomfort infrared heaters

The life expectancy of a conventional heating system is only 10 to 15 years, whereas the life expectancy of Infracomfort heating systems is up to 30 years. All Infracomfort infrared heat panels are certified to the New Zealand Electrical Standards requirements and come with a full 5-year guarantee against faulty parts or workmanship.

If you have any questions or comments please contact Infracomfort New Zealand.

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