January 18, 2021

Infracomfort outdoor far-infrared heaters are IPX4 water-resistant

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Just how much water can your Infracomfort outdoor far-infrared heater withstand? The answer is in its IP rating.

All Infracomfort outdoor far infrared heaters feature IPX4 protection against splashing water, no matter the direction.

The IP (or “Ingress Protection”) rating defines the level of sealing effectiveness of electrical enclosures against intrusion by environmental elements such as moisture and dust. Here’s a quick breakdown of the IP rating system.

  • IPX0: No protection
  • IPX1: Protects against dripping water
  • IPX2: Protects against vertically dripping water
  • IPX3: Protects against sprays up to 60°
  • IPX4: Protects against splashing water, no matter the direction
  • IPX5: Protects against water jets in any direction
  • IPX6: Protects against powerful water jets
  • IPX7: Protects when immersed in water up to 1 meter
  • IPX8: Protects when immersed in water over 1 meter
5 year guarantee - Infracomfort infrared heaters

All Infracomfort far-infrared heat panels and outdoor heaters are certified to the NZ Electrical Standards requirements and come with a 5-year guarantee against faulty parts or workmanship.

The Infracomfort JH-A Series high-power far-infrared radiant heater is an ideal choice for heating outdoor areas such as patios, balconies, verandas, cafés and bars. Available in various wattages.

The flexibility of Infracomfort far-infrared heating makes it the ideal choice to suit the many different room sizes and living spaces found in homes, schools, communities, workplaces and commercial buildings throughout New Zealand.