May 5, 2023

Infracomfort proud to be part of award-winning project

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Infracomfort is proud to have been a part of Unison Networks’ Windsor Substation project, which was awarded the Low-Carbon Future Award at the New Zealand Energy Excellence Awards in June 2022.

The revolutionary substation, located in Parkvale, Hastings, services approximately 3,500 residential and commercial accounts in the local area. It was designed and built in a way that reduces its carbon footprint and uses materials that are kind to the environment and people.

Infracomfort NZ Limited is honoured to have had its far-infrared heating products contribute to the substation’s sustainability, which also features solar energy powering, water capture and recycling, using locally sourced and environmentally friendly materials used in its construction. This resulted in a 363% reduction in carbon compared to a typical substation.

Unison Networks’ Chief Operating Officer, Juan Park, said that the project provides the company with a platform for future projects and future flexibility, showcasing how modern substations can be safe, functional, sustainable, and beautiful.