April 13, 2023

Quick guide to all Infracomfort heaters

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The table presented below serves as a comprehensive quick reference guide for all Infracomfort far-infrared heat panels currently available. Infracomfort is renowned for high-quality and efficient heating solutions that provide unparalleled comfort and energy savings.

ModelDescriptionWattsDimensions (mm)Panel Surface Area
DX150Standard heat panel, personal150600 x 400 x 250.24 m²
HH1206-5Standard heat panel5501195 x 595 x 230.71 m²
HH1206-7Standard heat panel7001195 x 595 x 230.71 m²
HH1206-9Standard heat panel9001195 x 595 x 230.71 m²
F0606Frameless heat panel280595 x 595 x 250.35 m²
F1006Frameless heat panel4501000 x 595 x 250.60 m²
F1206-5Frameless heat panel5501195 x 595 x 250.71 m²
F1206-7Frameless heat panel7001195 x 595 x 250.71 m²
F1206-9Frameless heat panel9001195 x 595 x 250.71 m²
GM1006Wi-Fi-enabled mirror heat panel3501000 x 600 x 230.60 m²
GM1206Wi-Fi-enabled mirror heat panel5001200 x 600 x 230.72 m²
JH-10AOutdoor heater1000600 x 189 x 670.23 m²
JH-18AOutdoor heater18001000 x 189 x 670.20 m²
JH-24AOutdoor heater24001500 x 189 x 670.28 m²
JH-18WW-Fi-enabled outdoor heater18001155 x 189 x 67 0.26 m²
JH-24WW-Fi-enabled outdoor heater24001655 x 189 x 670.31 m²

Infracomfort heat panels utilize far-infrared technology, ensuring a cozy and healthy indoor environment for residential and commercial spaces alike. Use this handy reference to discover the perfect Infracomfort far-infrared heat panel that suits your specific requirements and preferences.