April 1, 2023

Technical Review: JH-W far-infrared heater

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Infracomfort’s JH-W Series Wi-Fi high-powered far-infrared heater is sleek and stylish, designed for both interior and exterior heating purposes. Ideal for patios, balconies, churches, gyms, verandas, cafés, bars, and halls. Especially effective in buildings with elevated ceilings or tall drafty rooms where traditional heating may be difficult.

The JH-W Series heater is designed to deliver healthy heating, without any noise or fumes. The far-infrared heating technology provides gentle and evenly distributed heat, making it a more effective solution than traditional heating systems.

The unique feature of the JH-W Series far-infrared heater is its ‘Smart Life’ Wi-Fi App, which enables users to control the temperature remotely. This means that you can adjust the heat settings to suit your preferences, without having to be near the heater itself. The LED display on the heater and the LCD screen remote controller displays the temperature and working status, making it easy to monitor and manage the heating.

The JH-W Series heater has an IP rating of IPX4 and features over-heat safety protection. With a radiant efficiency that reaches maximum temperature after just 5 minutes, this heater offers effective warming up to 3 meters away. Its surface temperature reaches up to 380 degrees, and the European-styled design makes it an ideal addition to both indoor and outdoor decor.

The JH-W Series Wi-Fi heater is extremely easy to install, thanks to its plug-and-play feature. Its aluminium heating panel is designed to heat quickly and evenly, while the covered NANO-tech paint increases the service life to 50 thousand hours. The adjustable thermostat allows users to power on/off freely and save energy. The heater’s high electricity-heat efficiency ensures that the electric energy is transformed into heat by 99%, providing optimal heating results.

The JH-W Series Wi-Fi high-powered far-infrared heater comes in two power options: 1.8kW, and 2.4kW. The coverage area ranges from 15m2 to 22m2, depending on the chosen power option. The heater’s voltage and frequency are 230V and 50/60Hz, respectively.

In summary, the JH-W Series Wi-Fi high-powered far-infrared heater is a stylish and effective heating solution for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Its unique ‘Smart Life’ Wi-Fi App, combined with its adjustable thermostat, make it a convenient and energy-saving option. Its far-infrared technology and high electricity-to-heat efficiency make it a more effective and healthier option than traditional heating systems.

The JH-W Series Wi-Fi far-infrared heater is an excellent choice for anyone seeking an efficient and modern heating solution.

Disclaimer: This article was created with assistance from GPT-4