March 12, 2023

Preparing your home heating for the coming winter

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Preparing for the winter season should not be left until the last moment. Taking the time to make informed decisions means you won’t get any surprises with your winter comfort, or with your monthly electricity bill.

Are you looking for an alternative heating solution with low running costs, able to quickly warm up a room to the desired comfort level?

When it comes to modern heating appliances, there are plenty options to choose from. Here we will look at the options available to heat your home this winter.

  • Electric heaters may do the job for smaller rooms but using them regularly will increase your electricity bill substantially.
  • Gas heaters are a cheaper choice, but they release fumes and create moisture. They are also a fire risk if not properly maintained.
  • Using wood for heating is expensive and furthermore, eco compliance regulations are getting stricter. Burning wood releases harmful fumes.
  • Far-infrared heat panels are the latest breakthrough in winter heating appliances. Infrared heaters warm objects and not the air in the room.
So, what’s so good about infrared heating?

Firstly, infrared heating is absolutely eco-friendly. Far-infrared heat panels produce a completely natural form of heating with no CO2 emissions. They provide a 100% natural energy conversion and reduce the carbon footprint of our homes via lower energy consumption.

Far Infrared Heat Panel
Infracomfort far-infrared heat panel

Infrared heat panels are cheaper to operate than the alternatives, especially when using zone heating. The heat up a room quickly (as they are not heating the air). Individual far-infrared panels can be turned on only when the rooms are in use. When used correctly, far-infrared heating may reduce your heating bill by up to 65%.

Infracomfort far-infrared heat panels can be operated through smart thermostats. They can be turned ON/OFF with a timer, or even used from a distance via smart phone. Infrared Heaters require no maintenance and in many cases can be installed easily without the need of a technician. Far-infrared heat panels have no moving parts thus almost nothing can go wrong with them.

5 year guarantee - Infracomfort infrared heaters

Far-infrared heat panels have a long life expectancy. Compared to the conventional heating device, the temperature of the heating element is relatively low. Under this condition, the life of heater material is extremely long and the whole unit can reach a 30-year lifespan.

If you are searching for a cost-effective and eco-friendly heating method, then using Infracomfort far-infrared heating should be the first on your list.

The flexibility of Infracomfort far-infrared heating makes it the ideal choice to suit the many different room sizes and living spaces found in homes, schools, communities, workplaces and commercial buildings throughout New Zealand.