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See what some of our loyal customers have to say about Infracomfort infrared heat panels and far-infrared heating products. We take great pride in ensuring the highest standards of customer satisfaction and service.
Rachel Freeth
Your under desk heaters are an absolute hit here at Marlborough District Council so much so that I would like to order another five please. Thanks for keeping my colleagues warm!
We love walking into our nice warm kitchen even on the frostiest Waikato mornings. It’s just such a comfortable and pleasant way to start the day.
Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the infrared panels you supplied us with! We knew instantly we made the right decision as to how cosy it was , I completely forgot about the old fire place. The heat is so pleasant and what really has instigated this email is our first electric bill! It was nearly $200 less than the previous month, the month which we had to run fin heaters as our main source of heat! Just couldn’t be any happier - the panels are silent, warm and cheap!

An 83 yr old lady suffering from sleep apnea, arthritis and asthma asked to try Infracomfort heating in her bedroom. We installed a low wattage (470W) heater on thermostat control and agreed she should leave the window open a little for fresh air as she always did. After three nights she called to say – “I’ve had the best sleeps ever in my life! This is absolutely wonderful. Thank you!!”


School teacher Janice returned from Thailand to a winter teaching in an old prefab in Taupo. We put panels in her room (her husband wanted to make sure she would stay!) – next thing her colleagues were going there for morning tea because it was “the most comfortable room in the school”. And she’s still there.
Deputy principal, Shona, had a musty south facing office in Havelock North that got no sun. She hated it – even though it had a 2.4kW wall heater. We replaced that with a 470W Infracomfort heater (1/6th the power) and within a day the mustiness was gone. Shona suddenly loved her office and colleagues do too!
In Judy’s very large Hawke’s Bay rural home the breakfast bar area was cold. The room was very large but we heated just the bar area with two 710 Watt heaters on the ceiling. A few days later Judy noticed the large entrance foyer (the adjacent room) was warm too. The infrared heating was warming the water in the under floor heating system (disused due to high running costs). Evidence long wavelength infrared does penetrate well into the concrete floor! And Judy now wants infracomfort right through the new home she is building!

A Hastings property investor has four very old, very cold block wall flats. You may not know but 1960/70’s block wall buildings are terrors for losing heat through the walls. These ones were not nice to be in by any stretch of the imagination. We installed one of the new 1.4kW HH series on the ceiling in each flat, managed with a manual thermostat. Suddenly the tenants had their first comfortable winter, are very happy with the running costs and are keen to stay on.
Northland teacher Margaret says ‘ infracomfort in my classroom has uplifted my whole teaching experience. For the first time in 20 years teaching I now love coming to work in the winter’
A water leak in my family bach soaked the thick woollen carpet and underfelt over 3 square meters. I placed a 710Watt panel horizontally about 500mm above the area overnight. By morning the whole area was completely dry, right through to the concrete. Proof that infracomfort removes moisture from surfaces – which of course means mould can’t grow and the room is healthy.
We are extremely pleased and satisfied with our Infracomfort infra-red panel heaters.  They are very easy to use and the overall effect is much like the central heating in a large modern building.  It’s just ‘there and one does not notice it because the look of it seems to be so right, simple but elegant.
We replaced our night store heater in the hallway. Infracomfort fitted a 310watt panel on the ceiling and disconnected the 4500watt night store. The warmth is fantastic and very cost effective to run. I would recommend infracomfort Ltd and their heaters to anyone. They also placed panels in our Whare Kai at Mokai  Marae and they are brilliant.
We are very happy with our infracomfort heaters. They provide a wonderful cosy heat for our children’s bedrooms and a very cost-effective to run, and great flexibility with the programming. They are safe and I would recommend them to anyone. If I designed a house from scratch again today I would incorporate infrared heating throughout the whole home. The service we received was first rate.
We installed 2 of the larger panels in the open plan lounge. The infracomfort panels delivered a comfort level of “not too hot, not too cold….just right”

A Taupo Architect who has infracomfort in his own bathroom loves it so much he strongly recommends it to clients. A heated towel rail and mirror demister are not required either!
Really enjoying our frameless Wi-Fi series panels. In terms on what smart heaters are available in NZ, these are the best I've tried. It's a lovely warmth coming from the panels that heats the room nicely. Really awesome how I can automate these with an app and Google Home. I have them setup in groups that turn on in the morning and when I'm working from home. I can also leave the windows open to vent the house and still feel warm when I'm in the same room. Well worth the investment. Really simple kit. It comes with a panel, mounting brackets and a battery powered thermostat. You then pair that with the SmartLife app. The thermostat sends data back to the heater so it turns off when reaching the set room temperature. The panel can be mounted on the wall or ceiling.
Happy new year guys! Just dropping you a line to let you know that it’s ten years this year since we installed your panels in our house. Honestly, they’re so good they’re boring. They just work. I just leave them on all year long, and when the weather gets cold, we note with surprise, ‘oh, the heating has turned on’.

I’ve got a 103 year old high ceiling villa with polished kauri floors and no carpet. Your panels literally heat the floor (and walls, and couch etc!) like little suns. When I walk into the unheated hall, you can feel the cold floor underfoot. This was important when the girls were toddlers, down at ground level.

Our 15 x 5 metre living space is toasty all winter, effortlessly, quietly, and without stuffy air blowing around.
And we’ve got panels in all our bedrooms too. I sing your praises to everyone, but I’m not sure anyone has ever made the investment!
I’m so glad we did!

(Oh yeah – your panels have no ‘moving parts’! We had a heat pump installed purely for summer air conditioning a couple of years ago and it’s already quit and we’re looking at repair bills – your panels just keep going and going! 🙂)