Personal far-infrared under desk heater

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Fantastic little far-infrared heater for under your desk, kitchen table or workbench. Only 150w, this personal under desk far-infrared heat panel provides a much more comfortable and natural heat than a 2400w fan heater typically used to warm a person at a desk. That’s 1/16th the power!

ModelWattsCurrentDimensions (mm)WeightArea Heated
Rated Voltage220-240V/50-60Hz
Heating ElementCarbon Crystal
Surface Temp75-85℃
Electric Conversion Efficiency98%
Front Surface MaterialPET
FrameOff-white coated aluminium
Ingress Protection RatioIP56
Overheat ProtectionYes
On/Off SwitchNo
StandardsIEC/EN6.335-2-30, 6.335-1,CE, ETL, AS/NZS
PlacementUnder desk or close to user
FittingSelf standing or mounted to desk privacy screen
MaintenanceNone required
Life expectancy30 years
Warranty5 years