April 29, 2023

Programming the Infracomfort HY312 thermostat

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The Infracomfort HY312 Programmable Thermostat is designed to make temperature control in your home efficient and convenient. In this article, we will walk you through the process of programming this thermostat, so you can enjoy optimal comfort and energy savings.

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First steps

  • Turn off the thermostat: Press the bottom Off/On button to ensure the thermostat is turned off before you start programming.
  • Access configuration settings: Hold down the nine-dot button for three seconds, and you will be taken to the configuration settings menu.
  • Adjust the A6 setting: In the configuration settings, look for the A6 option, which determines how you want to program your thermostat. It has three choices:
    • Option 0: Program weekdays and weekends separately (5 weekdays + 2 weekend days).
    • Option 1: Program Monday to Saturday the same and Sunday differently (6 days + 1 day).
    • Option 2: Program each day individually.

For this demonstration, we will use Option 0 (5 weekdays + 2 weekend days).

  • Set the correct time and day of the week: Tap the clock icon to change the minutes, hours, and day of the week using the up/down arrows. Confirm each setting by pressing the clock icon again.
  • Begin programming: Hold down the nine-dot button to start programming the temperature settings for each time period.
  • Set the desired temperature for each time period using the up/down arrows. For example, you can set 5:30 AM at 19°C, assuming you want the living area to be warm when you wake up.
  • Adjust temperature settings for different times of the day. For instance, you can lower the temperature when everyone leaves the house for work, maintain a low temperature when the house is empty, and raise it again when people return home.
  • You can program up to six temperature settings per day, allowing you to customize your thermostat’s schedule according to your preferences and lifestyle.
  • Set different temperature settings for weekends if needed, based on your routine and comfort requirements.
  • Complete programming by turning off the thermostat.

When you turn the thermostat back on, it will display the current day, time, and set temperature. The thermostat will follow the programmed settings unless you manually override them. If someone comes home early or there is a change in your routine, you can temporarily increase or decrease the temperature using the up/down arrows. The thermostat will return to its programmed settings at the next scheduled temperature change, so there is no need to reprogram it.

The HY312 Infracomfort Programmable Thermostat makes it easy for you to maintain optimal comfort and energy efficiency in your home. By following these simple steps, you can program the thermostat to suit your needs and make adjustments as required.